• Snake Services

• Snake Services


∞ VIP Snake Retreat

∞ Snake Massage

∞ Group Snake Encounters & Ceremonies


Snakes compel you to embody your wild instinctive nature!

Serpentessa skillfully facilitates your interactions and emotional journey with her Boa Constrictors in a hands-on encounter to create the results you want in your life. 

Her services are valued by spirit-led, wise women leaders, mission-driven solopreneurs and heartfelt coaches desiring to embrace a force of nature for presence, pleasure, power and purpose.


  Ancient Snake Medicine with a 21st century Snake Priestess



Snake Services

VIP Snake Retreat

Snake Massage

Group Snake Encounters & Ceremonies


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Sss! We are a Force of Nature! Like the Ocean, we can be Dangerous.
 Like the ocean, we can feel Blissful!
 Entwining with us feels incredibly Sensual~ Joyful~ Divine"