About Serpentessa


“Life offers no guarantees, but lots of lessons, transformation, and adventures.”

With this motto I’ve found my bliss in helping others answer their primal calls to adventure.     

I am Serpentessa, a modern-day snake priestess. Together with my beautiful Snake teachers, I empower wise women leaders, spirit-led, heart-centered coaches and visionary solopreneurs to become their best selves in the world.

I facilitate holistic, transformative experiences via interactions with live Boa Constrictor snakes.

Entwine in interspecies love to remember your wild divine nature.

Throughout the past 40 years, I have shared the healthy benefits of ancient snake medicine with over 20,000 people. It is my joy and passion to see participants experience awe inspiring positive life changes through shedding and forgiving past mistakes.   


My Journey

As a child, I knew nothing about the Serpent other than it allegedly tempted Eve in the Garden. After 10 years in the closet as a snake priestess, I ultimately received a profound healing in my life, reuniting me with my wild divine nature.  

As a belly dancer, I often included my hypnotic snakes into my performances. Through tracking peoples’ reactions to my serpents, I was compelled to understand more. 

Studying the works of archaeologist Marija Gimbutas, comparative mythologist Joseph Campbell, anthropologist Jeremy Narby and current leading neuroscientists, I had more revelations.

I realized that snake encounters can teach us how and why we react to stressful stimuli and offer opportunities to evolve a better response. We can build our emotional intelligence and gain autonomy by becoming present to ourselves, our feelings, instincts and intuitions, and enacting the choice to transform in the here and now, thus turning fear into power.

Shortly after, I discovered the Greek Asklepios & Hygeia sanctuaries that practiced healing with snakes and which is now foundational to my practice. I've revived the efficacy of ancient snake medicine in the modern day, following the philosophy of “as it was, so may it be again”.

Being a snake priestess is the most soul satisfying career I’ve ever had. To be of service to others and to our Earth feels vital, and it is so very rewarding and delightful to read and hear the testimonies of my clients!


How My Snakes and I Empower You

People commonly experience Awe in nature: the potent elixir of respect, fear and wonder. Awe can awaken an intuitive recognition (of all or some of the following): that you are in partnership with a universe that is divine, inclusive and always in mystery.

During my lifelong snake healing journey, it's become clear to me that my clients don’t only seek solutions to today’s problems; they yearn for awe-inspiring experiences and adventure. They want to say Yes to the impossible, to relinquish the familiar certainty and live in the mystery, to be thrilled and motivated toward manifesting their desires.

Snakes, (whether venomous or constrictor,) can teach us how we react to stressors and can stimulate us to examine whether our reactions are helpful or a hindrance to our goals and desires. Cultivating calmness with my snakes creates a more relaxed and focused state of mind and body, allowing you to respond with intention effectively, even under duress.

In a snake session, I always respect your boundaries, using my expertise and intuition to guide you toward creating a truly memorable experience.

My clients have left feeling rejuvenated, full present, and more able to face uncomfortable situations, trusting in themselves, their well-being, and the universe. (See more on my Services page.)


My Life in the Present Moment 

I consider my snakes to be esteemed nature teachers, never props. It is my mission to one day raise a snake temple open to the public, to create an apprenticeship, and bring many other transformative and fulfilling projects to life.

Having studied with Jehan Kamal, Serena Wilson, and the late Ibrahim Farrah, I have an extensive background in professional belly dancing and dance theatre ritual. I am also a Priestess Path Apprenticeship graduate. I am eternally thankful to the numerous teachers that have helped me find my path. In spirituality, life conviction, shamanic practices, and mythology, I’ve studied in person with some of the best: ALisa Starkweather, Ann Sousa, Robin and Stephen Larsen, Ed Tick and Joanna Lindenbaum. In emotional intelligence, mindfulness and neuroscience, I thank the following people for their guidance: Daniel Goleman, Jack Kornfield, Dr. Joe Dispenza.

I thank Goddess for my life and all of the inspiring and challenging dreams and visions she has whispered into my heart, mind, and soul and for persistently guiding me toward them.

I remain in deep gratitude for the many mysteries, lessons, and transformations that enter my life through the teachings of these wild and powerful beings. It is an honor and a blessing to live and exist so closely and peacefully with my wonderful SnakesSssSs!

Currently I am doing 46 years to life with Mikio a wonderful, talented, and emotionally responsive man. I spend my days in the beautiful Hudson Valley, New York with my husband and our family of wild yet gentle snakes.

I welcome you to ease into a primordial and blissful state of being.

Allow yourself the unique experience of a close and personal encounter with the mysterious creature that is the Snake.