This is For YOU if You Value these RESULTS

If You Want to....

 Trust the Truth of your Desires! 

Evolve New Responses as You shed Old Reactions!

 Remember & Activate who You are Becoming! 

Perform with Grace under Pressure in Daily Life!

 Celebrate being Crowned in a Divine Snake-Uraeus! 


  Create an Unforgettable Memory of Bliss!   

Evaporate Inertia to fully Embody Your Wild Divine Life!


Embrace the Impossible! 

Infuse Awe into Your Life. Manifest Your Desires.

Reconnect with Your Wild Divine Self 

as You Embrace a Force of Nature! 


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Do you want to....? 

◊  Evaporate your Inertia to fully inhabit and express your Wild Divine Nature.

 Embrace your Gut Instincts to align your Analytic Outer Life Purpose within your Intuitive Inner Life Purpose.

 Trust and Honor Yourself within the mystery of Your Ever-changing Life.

 Delight and revel in Your Sensual Divine Evolutionary Impulse to Become the Greatest Expression of Yourself.  


You Know you’re ready to Choose Transformation from the Inside-Out when You Realize....

Change may be challenging, but Inertia is suffocating.

  Lose Your Inertia..... Overcome Fear..... Shed and Rewire   

 Embrace Your Gut Instincts....

Integrate Deep Body Wisdom into Mindful Conscious Life


Presence  ∞  Pleasure  ∞ Power ∞ Purpose 


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Is it possible that Your feelings from Fear through Fascination are motivating you to take Aligned Action with your Divine Evolutionary Impulse to Become the Greatest Expression of Yourself?

After all ...

 "Your Life is Not Measured

by the Number of Breaths You Take,

But by the Moments that Take Your Breath Away"  



"Ssss... I am a Force of Nature like the Ocean.

                                      And like the Ocean, I can be Dangerous!


Yet like the Ocean, I am Awe inspiring and feel Blissful!

                     Embrace Me to Embody Your Wild Divine Nature." ~~<


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"I am friends with an amazing Snake Priestess who's in my new movie, SPLit teaching Inanna to handle snakes. Serpentessa lays snakes on your naked body and they give you a deep and profound massage, both physical and spiritual. Snake is considered the most sacred of animals, representing divine female sexuality and have become a strong source of healing for me. I'm in love with them.”  

~ Deborah Kampmeier,  Full Moon Films, a company dedicated to the development and production of films by and about women.      

 Ancient Snake Medicine in 21st Century

"Snakes are all about the divine female sexual energy...obviously!!!  And both seem to make people squirm." ~ Deborah Kampmeier, NY


"Sophia Snake looking in my eyes was magic beyond anything I have imagined. It is an image/experience that will live within me forever and resonate throughout my life. Working with you gave me the inspiration & encouragement to move forward with manifesting this dream." ∼ RC, Toronto


"Serpentessa is a beautiful dancer and a very wise and healing force." ~ Jehan Kamal, NY