Encountering a Being: Embody Your Wild Divine Life!

In this lovely video at .52 seconds, Dr. Stephan Harding, Resident Ecologist at Schumacher College shares so eloquently,

Encountering another Being is when you actually meet the being, as the being, coming forth, from itself, as itself, revealing itself to you in a way that is beyond your intellect. In a way, that’s much more deeply intuitive, and much harder to express…..It suddenly came into focus through the being of the muntjac. The whole came into my perception…. I sank into myself…my wider body…which is the Earth herself.”

At 2 minutes in, we get to view this Encounter with another Being! 



Wasn’t that delightful and so poetically expressed?! The scientist is a poet is the earth... All interconnected.

Because Snakes are a Force of Nature, that is teachers of the Birth, Life, Death truths and mysteries, we are immediately compelled to become fully present when we encounter them. And from that moment on...

Whatever you choose to do in that moment, the truth is You are no longer alone. You are in an encounter, a powerful encounter that gets rewired into the neural pathways in your brain and anchored in via a high state of emotional arousal into an unforgettable memory. 

When you choose transformation from the inside out, especially face to face with one of Nature’s most powerful teachers, the unforgettable memories formed become benefits experienced as increased resilience and coherence and dynamic feelings of Presence, Pleasure, Power and Purpose. 

This has always been the outcome throughout over 20 years of facilitating live ∞ Ancient Snake Medicine ∞ encounters. Nature has the ancient solutions to our modern dilemmas!

Do you feel the Desire of the Divine pulsing within your one wild precious life?

The choice to be with my Snake healers and teachers is always Yours to co-create. It is your encounter, your engagement, your embrace... your conversation, journey, immersion...

Are you ready to have that conversation about how you can entwine in Snakesss? 

Here's a link for envisioning purposes that will prepare both of us to make empowered decisions when we speak together. 

I look forward to connecting with you!

With gratitude and delight,

Serpentessa & the Snakesss ~~<


Ps: Watching this video helps me reaffirm why I do the work I do as a 21st century Snake Priestess.

For more: http://www.flemingpolicycentre.org.uk/seed-beneath-snow/