Group Snake Testimonials

 Evaporating your Inertia to fully Embody Your Sensual Wild Nature 

Client Reflections:

"I feel that I have found the grace with power that I had been searching for. The fluidity of movement that the snakes showed me felt as though it was infused into my cellular and spiritual body in a way that really made me aware of what it is to flow with power. I feel amazing! I am so grateful for the experience you provided for me and I can't wait to come back and work with you again.What a blessing it is to know a modern-day snake Priestess!” ~ NCB
"I wanted to move like the snakes and breathe like the snakes. It felt really natural and ancient. I realized that in many ways, I don’t allow my body to fully express. The snakes offer the body a new way to move and feel and I realized that this was all new to me: that there was beauty in my body that I don’t allow to unfold into the world.” ~ Abigail Houghton, Cambridge, MA


Embracing Your Gut Instincts and Aligning your External Goals within your Inner Life Purpose

Client Reflections:

"Sophia Snake looking in my eyes was magic beyond anything I could have imagined. She shook me awake in such a deep way. It is an image/experience that will live within me forever and resonate throughout my life. Working with you gave me the inspiration and encouragement to move forward with manifesting my dream. I deeply honor her being and wisdom and bow to you for bringing her into my presence.” ~ RC, Toronto

“I feel grounded, calmer, and can still feel their ‘sensual journey’ around my body! At that moment, I knew I needed to embrace the snake, Artemis, for she represented my connection to the Divine Feminine and to women’s circles and festivals, drumming, chanting, dancing, meditation, the sacred yoni and most of all, creation.” ~ Ellen Hanauer, Verona, NJ


Trusting and Honoring Yourself and the Truth of Your Desires within Your Ever-changing Life

Client Reflections:

"Last spring my work with you gave me the strength and the belief in myself allowing me to leave a long time relationship that was not healthy for me." ~ MC

“Deep gratitude, dear sister and friend, for sharing your soul-wisdom and serpent-blessings… have a richer understanding of the transformative power of shedding and releasing for having journeyed with you.” ~ Valarie Bridget, CT


 Reveling in your delightful Divine Evolutionary Impulse as you become a Greater Expression of Yourself

Client Reflections:

“Working with Serpentessa was my first introduction to the Ancient Power of snakes...I fell in love with the magick instantly and got my own Nadi (snake) about 2 years later, which has only deepened my connection.” ~ Kali Frye, NH

“I will never, ever forget my Blessingway and how your beautiful snakes all wrapped around the pentagram above my belly, pointing their faces and tongues down to the strong, intense, passionate baby girl in my belly... That was almost 8 years ago!”  ~ JW, NY

“Thank you for helping me heal the serpent in my spine. I have a new grace with which to move.” ~ Holly, NY


 Evolving New Responses as You Shed Old Reactions

Client Reflections:

"I've been more vocal about the power and healing of snakes. You have helped me become more bold when approaching the world (because if you don't fear snakes, if they are your ally, then what is there to be afraid of?) Thank you!" ~ CB

“This was me facing my intense fear of snakes - and learning the difference of the need of fear and a learned fear that I don't even know where it came from. I totally get where you're coming from.” ~ CS, NY

“I've learned that despite what I see to the contrary, I can trust the unknown and/or the opposite of what I’d previously been shown (that snakes are teachers rather than dangerous predators).” ~ GK, MA


 Performing with Grace under the Pressures of Daily Life

Client Reflections:

"For me I have a deep visceral response in my body where I feel energy release, more grounded and relaxed. In my mind, I become still which is to me a powerful meditation. My heart, mind and belly are full and I felt peace and joy for days long after our snake session.” ~ Matooka, NH

"HUGELOVE to you Priestess. It's been almost 6 years since you laid you're beautiful snakes on me. It helped me greatly through a passage I was stuck in of trauma, pain & fear. I and my family are still truly grateful for your work. I hope your World is wonder filled.” ~ OL, NY


 Creating an Unforgettable Memory of Bliss

Client Reflections:

“It was such an honor to have you share your snakes with us, as well as your inspirational teachings. My daughters both felt that it woke up their memories of snakes, that they've held these last few years. I feel very fortunate to have been able to realize my dream this way. I immediately had a vibrant snake dream in which I had a cobra! Something that I have never considered, but I have often painted cobras in the imagery of my paintings.” ~ Jennifer, NY

“I will never forget the dance, the magic, the wonder of my time with the snakes.” ~ TS, PA

“I had an incredibly powerful experience with your beautiful ssssnake. He reached out and began to stretch and slither onto my hand and wrist... as he crossed the pulse point a rush went through me, a vision came, and a voice spoke to me... I began to weep gently and a moan swelled within me, that I could not control... I began to vocalize softly, and deeply as the message sunk in and a wound held in my heart was healed... I will never forget this experience…." ~ JW, ME


 Entwining with a Force of Nature to Experience Presence, Pleasure, Power & Purpose

Client Reflections:

“As I received "my" snake, I felt a thrill that went so far beyond the physical. The moment he began his journey up  my arm, I was transported to a place of pure sensation. Not only my body, but all of my sensory indicators were totally aware...definitely in the moment !It was most definitely erotic, but so much more than the merely sexual. The erotic energy I felt was a sudden burst of that drive toward ultimate creation that lets us know that we are indeed alive.” ~ L, PA

“It feels as though I have been waiting for 5,000 years to dance with the serpents and women in ritual.” ~ OA, PA

“Been thinking about this for quite some time... people always seem to benefit in the most wonderful ways, once they’ve agreed to have this kind of experience.. I like the way you "scientifically" underlined it...all true!” ~ HE, CR


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Group Experience Testimonials 

“Each woman spoke about how her experience with snake changed her life in subtle and profound ways.  Some received healing; some received releasing; some received empowerment; some received new wisdom. You and they brought us all to a new integrated level of connection with ourselves, each other, primal snake and earth..... AND with our ‘wild’ kundalini theme...We know we only skimmed the surface of the deep well of wisdom to be gained from you and your snakes." ~ CB, NJ



“Now, I have been at all kinds of workshops with male energy and I embrace and respect men and boys, but this was different. The 2 words that came to me during the ceremony that reflected this feeling was CLEAN and CLEAR. This experience has truly affected me in a richer way than any ceremony I've been a part of before. Thank you again for your gift to me and my family.” ~RP, NY



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Ancient Snake Medicine in 21st Century

"Together, we facilitated transformation born from the choices of 27 courageous priestesses. Together in the center of the Ritual, witnessing the subtle yet extraordinary shedding, bonding, authentic asking and honoring. Sometimes it was difficult for me to determine if we were back in time in one of the ancient snake temples that were first in the grove and then expanded into temples that were sometimes underground, labyrinthine or by the hearth of the home.” ~ anonymous Mystery School member



“Thank you for your caring and gentle introduction of Sister/Brother Snake. For me, a sensuousness has remained; a vitality so pure and inspiring. The weight, the smoothness, and the life-force of the snakes on my body - in the dark - was a sensational and deeply memorable experience. But the highlight for me was the shared circle, and the memories of being face to face with these gentle creatures. Words cannot begin to do those precious moments justice.” ~ Meagan



 “I think the snakes took well to me at the ceremony we had. I can't forget how Ash crowned me. It was so healing and beautiful that he chose me as the only sister participating in the ceremony to do that to. Brings tears to my eyes thinking about it.” Nefermul Mas, CR 


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Sss! We are a Force of Nature! Like the Ocean, we can be Dangerous.
 Like the ocean, we can feel Blissful!
 Entwining with us feels incredibly Sensual~ Joyful~ Divine"