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Celebrate Yourself Crowned in a Divine Snake-Uraeus! 







VIP Add-ons are provided to help strengthen your Snake Immersion experience including a preliminary kick-start assignment to get you excited & prepared to go all-in followed with results inspired at-home exercises to help maintain the benefits after the experience. 


After the completion of this life-enhancing personal retreat immersion, you will have 2-3 weeks to digest and blend your personal growth and awareness into your everyday world. We will then schedule a phone session for a celebratory testimonial session scheduled no more than 30 days later. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and reveal further insights and breakthroughs to ensure your experience is well integrated and deeply rooted as you continue to move forward in life. 


What else can I expect on the day of my VIP Snake Retreat

Transportation provided to/from the meeting location. 

Catered lunch and snacks offered at the exclusive location. 

Evening Dinner in or out, whichever you choose.

Optional Photo session with you and the Snakes. 


Benefits of VIP Snake Retreat 

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VIP Snake Immersion Retreat:

Embody Your Wild Divine Life!

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