VIP Snake Retreat Testimonials

  Evaporating your Inertia to fully Embody Your Sensual Wild Nature 

Client Reflections:

 “What an amazing gift to learn under Serpentessa's professional guidance PLUS have a silky, warm, gorgeous, sweet natured snake partner gently and intuitively facilitate sacred dance moves for an entire afternoon of bliss!” ~ A, NY


  Embracing Your Gut Instincts and Aligning your External Goals within your Inner Life Purpose

Client Reflections:


"Words can not express the depth of what occurred with your facilitation of the Snake Medicine. The Snake remained with me and my journey into knowing more and reconfiguring my self to Self has continued. It was as if the Snake became an energetic presence like a visitor staying with me.… " ~ LF

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  Trusting and Honoring Yourself and the Truth of Your Desires within Your Ever-changing Life

 Client Reflections:

“After this recent dreamtime with the snakes, I have been more intentional about dreaming and listening.  I’ve been asking for more guidance from Spirit and my spirit guides.  Being with the snakes was so familiar –like coming home- and that has, in this mysterious way, increased my self-confidence in unknown situations." ~ GK, MD 


  Reveling in your delightful Divine Evolutionary Impulse as you become a Greater Expression of Yourself

Client Reflections:

“I am able to embrace myself more fully, seeing myself in the mirrors draped with a snake and sensing/feeling my body with the snake movement heightening my sensations.” ~ BE, NY



  Evolving New Responses as You Shed Old Reactions

Client Reflections:

"This was me facing my intense fear of snakes ~ and learning the difference of the need of fear and a learned fear that I don't even know where it came from. And it was worth it, thanks to my generous teacher for allowing my tears and then the willingness to bring the snakes in closer. They are such healers.” ~ CG, NY


  Performing with Grace under the Pressures of Daily Life

Client Reflections:

“Amazing clarity came forward for me from listening to the snakes about shedding skins that are too tight.” ~ Northlight, RI



  Creating an Unforgettable Memory of Bliss

Client Reflections:

“Last night was a very moving and wonderful experience for me. Your snakes are so trusting and strong!  They allowed us to hold them and caress them as if we had known them for ages. That's the cultural DNA!  I felt instantly at ease and dropped into their zone with relief and love. You have great mastery of their world and I trusted you completely. This will stay with me for the rest of my life.” ~ KZ, NY


  Entwining with a Force of Nature to Experience Presence, Pleasure, Power & Purpose

Client Reflections:

“You and your serpents bring us home to our belly wisdom, our ancient sacred wild power, our prayerful longings and our deepest wounds opening for healing. Do what you do beautiful woman, our world needs you.” ~ CA, NY

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