VIP Snake Retreat

A Serpent Deep Dive into Your Wild Divine Nature!

 Would you enjoy the benefit of increasing your capacity to create choices that augment the alignment of your external goals within your ever expanding inner life purpose? 


What if you trusted implicitly in your inborn ancient primordial ability to transform Fear into Power in the world today?



   How wonderful would it feel to truly recognize that “Shedding Your Skin” facilitates your natural impulse to become the greatest expression of yourself?


How would these Achievable Outcomes 
impact your Life, Relationships, your Dreams and your Career?

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Do you feel the Desire of the Divine pulsing through you today?

Would you like to reconnect with your Sensual Wild Nature? 

 Embrace a Force of Nature

to Embody Your Wild Divine Life!  


        What does a VIP Snake Immersion Retreat look like?

For a day and a night, you will indulge in your choices of living Snake Medicine to connect more deeply with yourself, your wisdom, your sacred rhythms, your spirit, and your truth. You will have Serpentessa’s undivided attention, energy, and total commitment to your growth, desires and purpose. 

We will be working within a private luxurious setting surrounded by Nature for this pampered, up leveled experience to ensure the comfort and sacredness of your personal Immersion. Located in upstate NY. 


         What does it feel like?

This live retreat is a rare and unforgettable experience open to those who desire to engage with a wild, chthonic (underworld) creature associated with the mythologies and metaphors of every culture over many centuries while in a guided environment. 

The journey to empowering results is individual for everyone, often fluctuating within a Reaction Spectrum ranging anywhere from Fear through Fascination. Yet, no matter what anyone’s immediate visceral reactions to Serpents may be, everyone’s resulting responses become a powerful:
Wave of Bliss and Focused Presence

When you choose transformation from the inside out, especially face to face with one of Nature’s most powerful teachers, new responses are rewired in the neural pathways and anchored in via a high state of emotional arousal, resulting in dynamic feelings of Presence, Pleasure, Power and Purpose.

This has always been the outcome throughout over 25 years of facilitating live Ancient Snake Medicine  encounters.


       Is this for You?

“Life is the dance between what you desire most & what you fear most.” ~ Tony Robbins

Our human experience exists within the great natural mysteries of Birth, Life and Death. Our minds and bodies are participants in these life events and with every choice we enact, we co-create our Life on this planet Earth. 

Ancient humans learned how to survive our evolutionary arms race with Snakes. We thrived on the life-altering transformation that resulted from surviving, feeling intensely grateful to be alive.

Today, our wild divine natures still crave exhilarating and deeply nourishing experiences that stretch and enrich who we are in Body~Mind~Soul.

So....Are you willing to dig underneath the surface of your mind into the feelings and motivations driving some of your choices? 

Inquire within to determine which of your following basic Human Needs is a Desire in disguise.

Certainty Variety Significance Love & Connection Growth Contribution

Desire is a fundamental aspect of the human experience and it's absolutely key to reaching your full potential of living a rich and meaningful life.

And the truth is, going all in on a dream and trusting your intuition, is actually the safest move you can make!

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       ◊  VIP Snake Immersion Retreats are offered exclusively on an Application Basis

To determine the focus of your Desired Outcomes, a complimentary, private conversation is required upon completion of your application. 


VIP Snake Retreat: A Serpent Deep Dive into Your Wild Divine Nature!

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